Monday, July 9, 2012

Defying, Defining, and Dying For

Happy Monday evening,

I hope everyone had a fab Monday. I found this image via and fell in love with it instantly. The way the vibrant yellow pops out of the photograph is amazing. It was taken outside of the Paris Couture shows. 

I felt like posting the image to remind everyone fashion is what you make it. Always strive to be you. Fashion isn't about following trends or purchasing the most expensive items but creating and curating your sense of style, defining it, making it unique, so people know it's 'you'. Fashion is the one thing women are constantly defying, defining, and dying for. 

I see it as a tool for you to continually express yourself without having to explain anything at all. Sure there are tons of other things out there in the world that you can use to define and express yourself, but here is one so unique, that its' creativity is limitless and bountiful. So go ahead, indulge in your senses and creativity. Be you. Don't be afraid to thrust yourself into a new perspective or channel your most inner thoughts. And I don't mean this just for fashion and style or how you dress, but everything in life. Don't waste a single day, make everyday count. Be creative, challenge yourself, be good to those around you. Because life's too short to not enjoy the pretty floral pants, am I right, am I right?! haha 
From my mind to yours, I'm signing off. But, I most definitely hope this post inspires you to go out there and do what you want and to the fullest.

xx The Sparkle Girl 

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