Thursday, August 16, 2012


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Gwen Stefani recently stepped out in it. Olivia Palermo has been rocking the trend for quite a while now. The prints are cool. The colors are awesome. It's simple and easy. All it takes is 2 steps: 1.) put on pants, 2.) put on matching shirt and vice versa. You get the idea. What I'm talking about is the matchy-matchy suit trend AKA head-to-toe

This is a must try TREND! From spring to summer to fall, looks like this flashy trend is going to stick around.  I especially love it when celebrities try out the look. It's chic, sexy, and fun. Take some inspiration from these photos. The trend is trickling down from high-end designs on the runway to the huge, popular retailers. All the big name retailers like Zara, H & M, J.Crew are all carrying the printed trousers as well as the matching printed tops. Definitely look into these stores to find decently priced pieces. 

So why not take a swing at it? It's so effortless, really it is. But it makes you look SO super fashionable and trendy. If you're going with a small print, add an accessory or two, but don't overwhelm the outfit. If you're wearing a bolder print, go with minimal jewelry and/or accessories. With either small or large print, make sure you wear a glamorous pair of statement heels with the outfit to tie it all in together. Sure you'll get some stares and glares, but work it with confidence. Be creative; fashion is all about having fun. 

xoxo The Sparkle Girl 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Thom Browne Resort 2013

Photos: Dan Lecca/Thom Browne
This Thom Browne Resort 2013 caught my eyes weeks ago, and it just took way to long to finally getting around to posting the images. Let's just say when I get into politics one day, I'll be taking some inspiration from this Resort 2013 collection. Eclectic, fun, cool, modern, and an appreciation for classic silhouettes. 
What are your thoughts on the collection?