Friday, January 27, 2012

Taking A Chance

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and think to yourself, 'oh shoot, I have nothing to wear!' or 'None of my clothes are trendy enough'. Well think again fashionistas! These days, there are so many different crazy fashion trends. Most people think they can't pull them off or that you MUST buy new clothes! Well this is FALSE! There are tons of great ways to get creative! Here are some of my favorite current styles, great advice, and styling tips!

Right now, bold colors, bright pastels, and patterns tons and tons of all different types of patterns are making major fashion headlines. Trends are fads that come and go. My best advice is to pick some that you like and are comfortable pulling off. Choosing outfits solely based on what's in and what's hot might lead you to big regrets the next season. Choosing colors that play well on you is an excellent way to play the trend field. Finding patterns and prints that you are fond of can be your best accessory or bold statement piece that can turn into your classic go-to piece. Basically, you want to incorporate pieces into your wardrobe that you will always enjoy, not just for a few weeks or a season.  This way your wallet stays happy as well because it will be money well spent.

Like I said earlier, you don't have to buy the latest to look the greatest! You know that chunky grandma looking-knit sweater you got for Christmas that isn't probably your favorite, well play it up with some large statement pieces. Adding a scarf on top or nice collar/bib necklace, maybe you can even turn it into your next DIY project are lots of ways to turn that grandma-looking sweater into something unique and something that is YOU.  Point is, there is always "fashionability" in every piece. It's just waiting to shine through when you work with the right stuff, an open mind, and personal creativity.  In case ya'll are wondering what the heck I'm talking about when I mean "fashionability" (and yes I just made this word up) it means the ability to make/turn a piece into a current fashionable item.

Sometimes taking a second look into you're mom's closet isn't that bad (you can find great vintage pieces to incorporate into your outfits. Trust me, I've done it a million times)! If you like to take risks, try matching some old patterns with newer pieces from your closet.  Vintage has made such a comeback in the fashion world and every individual is embracing it in such a different way! So don't be afraid to pick up one of your mom's favorite pieces from back in the day and use it to play up yours!

Fashion forecast: What's currently big? (or at least in my books) ;) In no particular order.

Biggest hit has been color-blocking. It's been seen all over the place and among many leading designers. It's as simple as 1 2 3. Picking out one solid color, then picking out a second solid color, and putting them together.  See, easy as 1 2 3. The point is to block your colors. For example picking out a hot pink top with melon orange pants with teal blue wedges. The possibilities are endless and always are a head turner.

Denim on denim. The trend was introduced a while back, and I'll have to say, I'm still quite obsessed with it. Different shades of denim on each other, same denim color on each other, or denim paired with other prints, florals, patterns or solid colors are all fabulous. Denim on denim is a bringing back the classic and universally simplistic denim style. Love it.

PRINTS: the Chevron. The chevron design is inspiring clothing pieces, furniture, bedding, jewlery, etc IT'S EVERYWHERE! It's such a simple pattern but now the classic pattern is being played up in different colors and pairing it with almost anything! It's super chic, simple, and playful!

KNITS, knits,  and more knits! Yes, you heard right, tons of knits! Chunky knit pieces are extremely popular these days. Perefect for this winter weather anywhere! Go out and find yourself a great piece, one of my favorites is a chunky short sleeved light grey sweater wrap! It goes with everything I have in my closet. It can be dressed up or worn casually. Adding jewelry, scarves, and anything else are perfect accesories for your favorite knit piece!

Colored DENIM!! You must get yourself a pair! any color is great! pastels are awesome but deep rich colors are also great!

Oaky this post is becoming too long!! For my next post, I will definitely be going into more detailed on all the rest of the current trends:

native-American inspired prints, more knits, pastels, lace, florals, ombre-styled clothing, stripes, all-american, a touch of neon, chunky-punk inspired jewelry, denim.

Below are some style inspirations! Be creative this weekend ;)

Stay tuned fashionistas!! xoxo

Denim on Denim as seen in Bazaar

my favorite color blocking

Gucci Resort 2012

Chunky knit sweater

Olivia Palermo

Jason Wu
Jason Wu

Chevron inspired
Prints at DKNY


chunky knits

casual denim

classic chic with black and white stripes

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