Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring Inspiration

Image via The Glamourai 
Was browsing over some of my favorite blogs and I just can't get over how in love I am with The Glamourai's blog. I idolize her style and feel like out of the popular stylists/bloggers out there, I can relate to her style the most. She has an eclectic girly style with a love for prints and embraces all current fashion trends. I feel like her perspective on style is fresh and young.  

Here was an image of one of her outfit posts she did back in March that I fell head over heels with. She's paired floral pants with a light sweater and a white sheer blouse underneath with plexiglass/lucite heels. I mean those Prada heels are tugging at my heart strings. I loved the simplistic yet girly-chic look that she's rocking. 

I had never thought to pair a sheer blouse underneath a sweater like that. It's so modern classic. I must definitely try this ensemble out with my floral pants. I love getting inspired by others. I hope you go out and try this look too! It would be perfect look for a weekend-out or even for a cute date night with some friends. Classic, cool, modern and girly.  

xoxo the SG

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  1. Oo I love that look! Frumpy yet still feminine and chic with the floral!

    xo Rachel