Monday, November 5, 2012

Center Stage

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The most understated elegant accessory that ever was: the headpiece. 
Whimsical, dreamy, romantic, ethereal beauty are just some words I like to use to describe them.  
It maybe the little girl in me, the season, or even my indian heritage or maybe a mixture of all three which give rise to my addiction and fondness to these head jewels.
It is a beloved embellishment of mine. 
Whenever I wear one, I get this overwhelming feeling that I can conquer the world. 
Maybe that's why Cleopatra always had one on. It's one of those things. 
A headpiece can always take a day look to an evening look. 
When trying out the trend, I would advise to a buy a headpiece that is not too dramatic. 
Depends on taste and how comfortable you are with wearing one. 
Before setting out to wearing it in public, try wearing one at home and 
walk around and see how you feel. 
When trying to figure out when or how to pair a headpiece with an outfit, 
IT MUST ALWAYS FEEL RIGHT! If it does not feel right to you, then don't wear it. 
When wearing a great head piece, it's always nice to keep your other jewelry to a minimal. 
Go easy on the eyes, but big on top. 
Go on and get your Cleopatra on.

Love always,
The Sparkle Girl

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  1. Nice roundup of one of my favorite, most romantic accessories! The Chanel ones, especially, have always take my breath away..