Thursday, August 16, 2012


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Gwen Stefani recently stepped out in it. Olivia Palermo has been rocking the trend for quite a while now. The prints are cool. The colors are awesome. It's simple and easy. All it takes is 2 steps: 1.) put on pants, 2.) put on matching shirt and vice versa. You get the idea. What I'm talking about is the matchy-matchy suit trend AKA head-to-toe

This is a must try TREND! From spring to summer to fall, looks like this flashy trend is going to stick around.  I especially love it when celebrities try out the look. It's chic, sexy, and fun. Take some inspiration from these photos. The trend is trickling down from high-end designs on the runway to the huge, popular retailers. All the big name retailers like Zara, H & M, J.Crew are all carrying the printed trousers as well as the matching printed tops. Definitely look into these stores to find decently priced pieces. 

So why not take a swing at it? It's so effortless, really it is. But it makes you look SO super fashionable and trendy. If you're going with a small print, add an accessory or two, but don't overwhelm the outfit. If you're wearing a bolder print, go with minimal jewelry and/or accessories. With either small or large print, make sure you wear a glamorous pair of statement heels with the outfit to tie it all in together. Sure you'll get some stares and glares, but work it with confidence. Be creative; fashion is all about having fun. 

xoxo The Sparkle Girl 

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  1. this is hard to pull off! My legs always look so short in printed pants! This would definitely be a challenge for me!